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There is often a lot of confusion about the difference between SEO writing and copywriting or web content writing. SEO content uses keywords that attract the major search engines and is published both on and off the company’s website appearing on blogs, forums, and social media outlets. Organic SEO content is meant to provide value to the reader while making it easier for you to find that information when you search for it. It is also designed to create links from other publications on the internet that lead back to the company’s website establishing the site as an authority on a particular subject.

Copywriting is content that appears on the company’s website itself or in print marketing. Web content copywriting is more complicated than SEO writing and requires a higher skill level than because it impacts the continuity of the website and exists not only to attract the search engines, but to encourage the reader to take a certain action. Informative SEO content requires research and excellent writing skills. Copywriting requires research, a firm understanding of the company’s marketing strategy and the ability to write sales copy that grabs the reader’s attention in the first few lines.

The copywriter’s goal is to write content that converts browsers to buyers. As a result, copywriting involves both informative and persuasive content combined with a keen understanding of design and layout. A copywriter must be able to write an effective landing page with a specific call to action. In some cases they may be the person that chooses the supporting graphics that appear on the page, in other situations, they will work with a web designer who provides the artwork. In either case, the copywriter will have knowledge on how the content and the graphics work together to convey the same message.   

 Web Content/Copywriting rates:

  • Landing page: $250
  • Each additional page: $150

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